Comic Book Cover Cliches II


“They’ve got legs and they know how to use them!”

Yup, that’s right boys n’ girls today we’re going to look  “between the legs” for these covers. (and yes that was a pun!) I don’t know when this trend began but if I had to guess,  I’d say it was when the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only hit theaters. Just check out the sexy movie poster

You will also see variations on this theme (i.e. half a leg showing, or maybe just the arms) but it still followed the same formula of “Just who do those legs,arms,hands, etc. belong too?” Most of he time the mysterious figure would be silhouetted for that added suspense.

Well without further adieu here are the covers. Enjoy!

One Comment on "Comic Book Cover Cliches II"

  1. John Liam says:

    She looks huge and Roger Moore looks like a tiny mouse creeping along trying not to be seen in that poster.

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