In the television industry, the term “Jump The Shark” is defined as the moment when a hit television series has passed its “peak” and they begin using gimmicks to revive its popularity.

One commonly used gimmick is allowing the main characters to finally marry after years of having an on-again, off-again relationship. A writer out of fresh new ideas will be forced at some point to Jump The Shark.
Jump The Shark
For 50 years Archie Andrews has lived the life every man dreams of. He’s managed to juggle several lovers at once while keeping Betty and Veronica to fight over him. Most importantly he has successfully dodged the big “C” word…COMMITMENT.

However, it would appear that Archie’s publisher wants to finally pull the reins in on this red headed Casanova. To celebrate the 600th issue of Archie Comics, Archie is going to marry Veronica. Huh?!

Jump The Shar ArchieThe love triangle between he, Betty, and Veronica, is essentially what Archie Comics is all about!

This is, in my opinion, their “jump the shark” moment. I don’t see how this will benefit Archie Comics and quite frankly I believe it’s going to hurt their sales…tremendously.

Maybe they won’t get married. What will probably happen, is Archie calling off the wedding when he realizes he’s still in love with both Betty and Veronica.

As usual we’ll have to see how this pans out. In the meantime click on the following link if you’d like to read more on this…unfortunate news. Archie Comics Website.