Trophy Girls Issue #4

Our Means To An End

Trophy Girls Issue 4 reveals the origins of our unintentional fame within an industry we just can't take seriously. And it all started with a simple plan.

About the Book

Trophy Girls Issue 4 follows the events of both Trophy Girls Issue 2 & Issue 3. The twins are back together again! After several trips to England, they decide to produce their own comedy show in the U.K. All they need is money to make this happen and with their Hollywood connections…just how hard can it be?

Trophy Girls Issue 4

                                                                 Regular Cover                                                    Gold Foil Variant

Cover Version

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Trophy Girls Issue 4 has a low print run and once they’re sold out, that’s it. However, you’ve got to see them to know just how gorgeous these covers are! Firstly, the regular cover is by the ever talented Fred Benes. Secondly, the gold foil variant is  by artist Iago Maia with colors by Fred Marine. Above all, the interior art is by a women of incredible skill and accomplishments, Judit Tondora. This is also apparent in her work done for Trophy Girls Issue 1.

In short, this issue has everything…comedy, sex, humor, awkward situations, irony, and more! Feel free to laugh out loud at some of the most bizarre scenarios we find ourselves caught up in. Also, let us know your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and anything else you’d like to get off your chest. There is still much more to discover about us,The Potter Twins, and we hope you’ll continue to follow.

To all of our friends and fans…thank you for your support, your interest in the Trophy Girls series, and your coming to our table (whenever we’re at a convention).

Series: Trophy Girls, Book 4
Genre: Autobiographical
ISBN: 9781732398030