Trophy Girls Issue #3

Dichotomy of a Twin: Jocelyn

Issue #3 in the Trophy Girls series coincides with issue #2 except now it's Jocelyn's story. She remains in Dallas when Crystal moves to Los Angeles. Along with her soon-to-be fiance, Jocelyn attempts to create a picture perfect life for herself.

About the Book

Trophy Girls Issue #3 coincides with the previous issue, and Jocelyn narrating us through her own journey. While Crystal is living in Los Angeles, Jocelyn decides to remain in Dallas. Along with her soon-to-be fiance, she will attempt to create a picture perfect life for herself.

But what is perfection? To some it’s just a word but to Jocelyn it’s her existence. Albeit one which is literally killing her.

Trophy Girls issue 3

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Once again the Trophy Girls issues have a limited print run and Trophy Girls Issue #3 is no exception. With two phenomenal covers to choose from, how could you not want them both?!  Regular cover artwork done by the fabulous Jinky Coronado and colored by Sebastian Chang. The variant cover artwork is done by the ever-talented Cliff Richards and colored by Michael Bartolo.

You can purchase Trophy Girls Issue #3 right here! Just select your cover preference and check out through PayPal. The Regular cover is $5 + shipping and the Variant cover is $10 + shipping. As always, Crystal and I personally autograph each copy sold through the website.

Trophy Girls issues #1 & #2 are still available to purchase so get yours before they’re completely sold out!

Series: Trophy Girls, Book 3
Genre: Autobiographical
ISBN: 9781732398023