Bible Versus – The Virgin Mary vs God.

It’s been 3 years in the making but today I’m excited to announce the release of my newest eBook where The Virgin Mary sues God for child support!

Imagine the Biblical tale of the birth of Jesus transposed to contemporary times—the age of Twitter, Facebook, and trash TV.

That’s exactly what writer Jocelyn Potter has done with “Bible Versus—Virgin Mary vs God.” Combining the pithy humor of the Borowitz Report, the irreverence of “Family Guy,” and the voyeuristic sensationalism of the Jerry Springer Show, Potter turns the Virgin Birth story into a tawdry series told in multiple Web-friendly one-page segments.

Abandoned by her son’s Heavenly Father, Mary enlists the aid of hotshot attorney Lucy Ferr, who has God hauled into court as a deadbeat dad. Sued for eternal alimony and child support, God must also defend his reputation. That of a “miracle worker” to disbelieving scientists. And how immaculate conception actually works.

The outcome doesn’t look good for the Supreme Being. Will justice prevail? Will Mary live comfortably ever after or wind up struggling to survive like so many other single moms? Amidst simplicity and razor-sharp wit, “Bible Versus” promises to answer all these questions and more!

Bible Versus is available on iBooks and Amazon’s Kindle Store!