Ashes to Ashes Season 3 is a go! So let’s fire up the Quattro!
Ashes to Ashes Season 3

This year, Good Friday isn’t going to be good…it’s gonna be GREAT! The BBC has announced that Ashes to Ashes season 3 will begin airing April 2 at 9pm (UK time of course!) Woo hoo! Here is a 59 second clip from the upcoming series finale of  Ashes to Ashes Season 3!!!
*WARNING* If you who haven’t seen the 2nd season of Ashes to Ashes then I recommend not watching this clip. A very important event from last season is talked about.
Just a fair warning.

So without further adieu…here’s the clip!!

Chocolate rabbits, marshmallow Peeps, and now Ashes to Ashes…this is gonna be one hell of a sweet Easter Weekend!

If you want to know more about A2A season 3 then head on over to Den of Geek and read their interview with co-creator Matthew Graham.