Apocalypse Twins – WTF Marvel?!


In my previous post The Apocalypse Twins Cometh I was excited about the introduction of Uriel and Eimen (the children of Archangel) into the Marvel Universe. I couldn’t wait to see how these two would develop both physically and mentally. (They’re Archangel’s heirs for god’s sake! How could you go wrong?) Well it appears Marvel has found a wayto make them all wrong, in terms of physical appearance.

Here is their father, Archangel…
Uncanny X-Force
…and here are his children.
Uriel_EiminUriel & Eimen

So what the *bleep* happened?! They look nothing like him. Are we sure these aren’t the milkman’s kids? Hmmm…for fun, here is a list of possible father’s

Deaths Head

Death’s Head II



Sentry & Darth Vader

Sentry                                       Darth Vader

The only hope I have left is that their tacky outfits are really just a shell and eventually we’ll get to see what’s underneath. And when that happens I hope to god they get it right and make them resemble Archangel to some degree.

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  1. Michael Phiveson says:

    Oh, don’t worry, Marvel knows they look bad. They are just waiting to change their appearance, just like their dad. I will give it about six months.They will not be influenced by Kang.

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