Apocalypse Twins – WTF Marvel?!

Uncanny Avengers 8

In my previous post The Apocalypse Twins Cometh I was excited about the introduction of Uriel and Eimen (the children of Archangel) into the Marvel Universe. I couldn’t wait to see how these two would develop both physically and mentally. (They’re Archangel’s heirs for god’s sake! How could you go wrong?) Well it appears Marvel has found a wayto make them all wrong, in terms of physical appearance.

Here is their father, Archangel…
Uncanny X-Force
…and here are his children.
Uriel_EiminUriel & Eimen

So what the *bleep* happened?! They look nothing like him. Are we sure these aren’t the milkman’s kids? Hmmm…for fun, here is a list of possible father’s

Deaths Head

Death’s Head II



Sentry & Darth Vader

Sentry                                       Darth Vader

The only hope I have left is that their tacky outfits are really just a shell and eventually we’ll get to see what’s underneath. And when that happens I hope to god they get it right and make them resemble Archangel to some degree.

3 Comments on "Apocalypse Twins – WTF Marvel?!"

  1. Gil says:

    Marvel got it all wrong with the twins

  2. Dustin says:

    I know this is a little behind…but remember Apocalypse altered Archangel and Pestilence’s DNA… their parents…so it is totally likely their children would look “different” than them. And in altering his DNA could be what makes them appear more like a Neyaphem rather than a Cheyarafim. One could then hypothesize that the 2 races are indeed somehow genetically related.

  3. Michael Phiveson says:

    Oh, don’t worry, Marvel knows they look bad. They are just waiting to change their appearance, just like their dad. I will give it about six months.They will not be influenced by Kang.

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