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Jocelyn Potter

My name is Jocelyn Potter, just one half of the “Potter Twins”. Most people take one look at me and never guess that I’m a super-uber geek! I collect comics, trading cards, action figures and own a beautiful collection of Dragonball Z cels. So, don’t let my sexy looks fool you because “I was a GEEK before it was chic”!

Jocelyn Potter

Former glamour model/actress turned writer, Jocelyn Potter brings a fresh perspective to the world of comic books. By tapping into the professional and personal lives of both she and her identical twin sister, Crystal.

Jocelyn was born in San Antonio, Texas, just two minutes after  Crystal. Her great-grandmother Hallie Stillwell (1897-1997) was a legendary West Texas pioneer. Due to being raised by a single father with a taste for Star Trek and British comedy, Jocelyn naturally gravitated towards the world of comics and sci-fi.

So following their creative passion, the twins embarked on a career inside the world of entertainment. These accomplishments range from developing a variety/comedy program for public television in Dallas, to an impressive career in the film industry in Los Angeles. She has also appeared with her twin in several films, television shows, and media outlets. With credits including Bare Wench: The Final Chapter (2005), The Mummy’s Kiss: 2nd Dynasty (2006)The Lusty Busty Babe-a-que (2008), and appearances on The Howard Stern Show, Discovery Channel, and Playboy.

 Likewise, as a glamour and spokes-model, she represented various companies and organizations at significant events. The companies include Ampeg Amplifier at the 2003 NAMM Show and the renowned Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy Camp.

Furthermore, Jocelyn has translated her creative ideas into viable and successful projects. She wrote a 5 issue mini-series, The Deciders, and the interactive eBook, Bible Versus: The Virgin Mary vs. God.  Finally having found her inspiration she’s furthered her talent in writing scripts, web articles and several short stories.

Currently, she is collaborating with Crystal on their memoir titled Trophy Girls. This star-studded (no pun intended) autobiographical comic book series goes where no autobiography has gone before and does it twice as well.

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  1. Scott says:

    After all these years, I just NOW found out your into DBZ. I am nerding out right now haha! I was just in Dallas at KamehaCon and now wondering if you were there too, hmmm LOL. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you in all your future endeavors.

    • Jocelyn Potter says:

      Hi Scott, my fellow DBZ fan!
      I wasn’t at this years KamehaCon (although I have gone in the past). Thanks for your words of encouragement and take care! 🙂

  2. Baxter Dunsworth (505) 701-2091 says:

    I have been a fan of yours for several years. So Damn beautiful! I am looking for work as well as love. I am a gifted musician (over fifty different instruments) but I love playing guitar more than anything.I am a good artist, I’ve been into comics my whole life.The very first time I had a chance to watch you and your sister, WOW!

    • Jocelyn Potter says:

      I’m flattered! As you can see I had to edit your comment, just so it appeared “less intimate”. Thank you and perhaps you’ll send me examples of your artwork.

  3. Tom says:

    I guess you have some celebrity status due to the comments I read. I heard of you re comic books.

    I’ve been a collector since about 1976. I am a successful entrepreneur and was looking for women who have something to contribute to the genre. I have a project in mind. I didn’t know how else to reach you.



  4. Tom says:

    Ahem. Hard to believe, but I don’t recognize you. I read some posts so it appears you have some celebrity status. Good for you.

    I collected comic books in the 1970’s and have about 3000 + stored in the attic in mylar. I am a successful entrepreneur and have a couple projects in mind. I don’t know how to reach you.

  5. Jeff Nixon says:

    So cool to meet with a fellow comic book geek! I’m going to purchase your comics soon! Any pointers on being a rising entrepreneur?? Sincerely, Jeff Nixon

  6. Martin says:

    Hi Jocelyn,
    I’m a Brit with the ‘Harry’ surname we share. Perhaps related as I’m unfortunately also work in IT.
    Love to you and Crystal xx

  7. Karl H says:

    Hi Jocelyn – I recently discovered some of your twin videos online, enjoyed them very much, and so glad to see that you are doing well. It’s so great to see that you have many diverse interests and there is quite a personality and intellect behind the pretty face.

  8. BOB says:

    You don’t find many women interested in comics let alone a beautiful one .. i collected comics for years until my collection got to big to move around with me and had to sell it but i must say you are the perfect woman .. beautiful .. smart .. interested in comics and scifi and a former adult star .. a combination that can’t be beat .. i am a big fan 🙂

  9. greg says:

    Interesting bio….Beautiful and Smart, that’s a killer combination. Keep up the Awesome work

  10. Brian says:

    Love your twin movies, your sister is awsome too
    hope to see new movies from you soon

  11. adrian says:

    Dear Jocelyn:
    I´m a big fan of your and your sister. I enjoyed a lot your movies. Simples and well done!!! I congratules you for the new way that are you doing!!! With my love from Argentina. Adrian

  12. daniel says:

    thought i would read up on here. and wow i might be late at posting on here but wow. you like dragon ball z. you love comics. wow i wonder what other anime and comics you like. never knew that a pornstar (excuse me please if you dont like being called that) was a geek. lol u learn something everyday. happy birthdays to come and thanx for entertaining the world

  13. Sasha says:

    You enthusiast I love that in girls!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Martin says:

    Just wanted to say that you and your sister’s adult movies have been some of my favorites. Knowing that you’re a geek as well just make them better. I hope you’ll have a good career as a writer and / or technician. Best of luck! /Martin

  15. John Liam says:

    I clearly remember watching your adult vids at the time (And having my mind blown, some of the best stuff ever!) but I think my mind may be even more blown now, knowing what a hard core geek you are. Guys like me dream about meeting girls like you. You just don’t seem to exist in our towns.

    It’s nice to see that you didn’t let the industry chew you up and spit you out. Let your imagination reign supreme.

  16. jon e. dunning says:

    Hi Happy Birthday I love both of you and wish you all the love possible.


    Happy Birthday to you both
    Jon E. Dunning

    P.S. Thanks for the Fantasy’s

  17. jak says:

    Hi Jocelyn
    I hope life and luck are being good to you. Needless to say that I’ve been a fan since I first saw you in a movie.
    Loved your innocence and playfullness.
    Drop me hi, I’m in the UK.
    One more little request please send me a recent picture.

  18. Kerry T. says:

    hello Jocelyn,

    about a year ago i requested an autograph from you and Crystal. i recieved it. and i cherish it always. but only now since finding your website again did i remember that i never thanked you both… anyways thank you both for the signed photo. oh and as for my favorite comics i like superman, xmen, danger girls. i love to watch crime dramas and comedies.

    good luck in both you’re endeavors!

  19. Brian says:

    I was wondering what high school you attended? I remember riding the bus with two twins with the same name as yours, and one love, just loved Queen Jocelyn i believe. This was in 1994. I’m sure it’s not you, but if it is could you let me know?
    Thanks Brian

    • Jocelyn says:

      Hi Brian,

      Hehehe I’m pretty sure it is me who was on that bus. Let’s see, I went to Hudson Middle School in 8th grade and in High School I went to Naaman Forest High.

      That’s awesome that you still remember me and my sister Crystal from those bus rides!

  20. Miguel says:

    Wow! after seeing some of your excellent videos get here, and I get the agrdable surprise to know more about you. I admire you, my favorite is Japanese series and my favorite comic Hinuyasha is Witchblade, as a child I loved batman, I also like the KISS comic series psycho circus, of my favorite movies this Sin City.

    dIf ever come to Mexico City I would like to have an autograph yours

  21. Larafan says:

    Hey Jocelyn…my name is Larafan, and I run a website dedicated to uber-powered superheroines called, SuperWomenMania.com. I stumbled across your page from your Deciders project on kickstarter, so I wanted to introduce myself and invite you to join our site/forum and talk about your projects, if you’d like.

    Our fanbase is somewhat small — compared to other ‘fanboy’ outlets — but our members are fairly zealous for all things superpowered and feminine, so I think your Deciders comic would be interesting to our readers. We have several producers/artists/funders/geeks among our members so, if nothing else, it might be beneficial from a networking standpoint.

    Regardless, I wish you success on your future projects!


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