A Kickstart(er) for The Deciders!

Having just launched my graphic novel project at Kickstarter I must admit it’s been fun revisiting the characters from The Deciders. I’ve commissioned an artist (Dagger at Farlow Studios) to draw a digital pin-up of both Devah and Decoda and then hired a colorist to color it.

For the next 44 days I will be campaigning like crazy in order to get people over to my Kickstarter page to help fund my book. I’ve got lots of cool rewards for those who pledge and you can also help by spreading the word!

One Comment on "A Kickstart(er) for The Deciders!"

  1. He no longer ate the Little Nibbles for Little Nibblers but would run to the pantry and look upward at the cans of refried beans on the third shelf.

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