What in the [bleeping] world ever happened to the X-Men Maggott?

X-Men Maggott

This poor character didn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell. Aside from his disgusting name, he had NO super powers of his own. Instead he had two giant slugs that fed him super human strength. (Oh boy how exciting!!) Let’s also mention that his name is spelled with 2 T’s instead of the proper spelling of “maggot”. If that wasn’t bad enough he also didn’t get an exciting origin or backstory. Am I  supposed to believe he was rescued by Magneto as a child?

I remember he made his debut during the X-Men’s dry spell of good story lines. There’s no better way to hide a lame story than with a new lame character! Where did the guys at Marvel think this schmuck was going to fit in the X-Men roster? I guess they were hoping he might take off like the X-Men character Bishop did. Good luck there!

Xmen Maggott Bishop 

They tried to make him a love interest for Storm but that didn’t pan out. Gee, I wonder why. Perhaps it’s those two enormous bugs you carry with you, which isn’t attractive. More like unemotional “buggage” instead of emotional baggage.  (Again with the cheesy puns!)

The X-Men Maggot lasted a whopping 35 issues before getting killed…in a totally different series! You know you’ve hit lower than low when you can’t even get killed in the series you started in. No, wait I take that back. It’s even worst when your “death” never happens because of a realty shift?! On top of being resurrected by the use of magic and a techno-organic virus. Aw, man it just gets worse and worse for the X-Men Maggott.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, it’s deep questions like these that keep me up at night.