I will be appearing at 2nd & Charles on May 25th for the signing of both Trophy Girls issue #1 & #2. This will take place from around 12:30pm until 5pm. The location is in Kennesaw at 815 Ernest W. Barrett Parkway.

2nd & Charles is not your ordinary book store, especially if you’re big into collecting everything from comic books to action figures! After you’ve purchased your Trophy Girls issues and gotten them signed, I encourage you to shop around. This store is enormous and you never know what you’ll find!

2nd & Charles store

I guarantee that you will have not only have fun meeting and talking with me but also shopping the massive aisles of goodies!

2nd & Charles toys

2nd & Charles has something for everyone

It’s a collectors paradise and I can’t think of a time where I’ve actually gone in and not purchased something! Video games, vinyl record, and of course books galore!

Again, I couldn’t be more thrilled than to be appearing at 2nd & Charles for a signing. Trophy Girls issues #1 & #2 have received massive popular feedback and I’d like for that to continue. Meanwhile, I’m putting the finishing touches on issue #3 so that I can get it to the editor.

Having met so many wonderful people during Free Comic Book Day at Dr. No’s is what keeps me (and Crystal) continuing on with our story. Without you all, the readers, we wouldn’t have a series to write. Sure, we could write it, but why if no one will read it. So an enormous thank you to everyone who has picked up both issues 1 & 2 of Trophy Girls!

Now for those of you who plan on coming to 2nd & Charles later this month the address is:
815 Ernest W. Barrett Parkway
Kennesaw, Georgia 30909